Waking up to see I had a message off him, regardless of what it is (he told me he’s ill), makes me smile and cheers me up instantly. It makes me think that maybe I do cross his mind from time to time.
I love him and miss him.

I feel as though my heart is breaking more and more each day. With every passing minute I know he is slipping further away.
I just want him back. I still get butterflies in my tummy every I think about him, talk to him or see him.
My feelings for him won’t go away, I still love him unconditionally.

" How can emptiness be so heavy? "

My heart hurts. It aches and yearns for him, but I told him I’d leave him alone for a little while and I’ll try my best to stick to that.

I can’t stop wanting to talk to him all the time. I just want to be on his mind. I feel as though if I don’t talk to him I wouldn’t even cross his mind, that he wouldn’t miss me whatsoever.
I can’t stop loving him.

I love him! I miss us. I’m grateful for his friendship and I’m so happy when I’m in his presence but I wish we still had a relationship. I miss his reassuring cuddles. He made everything better. He changed my life and made me a happy person again, but trying to come to terms with the fact we aren’t together anymore is making the sadness come flooding back. He was my happiness, and still is my happiness. When I get to spend any time with him or talk to him I’m so happy. Without him I’m a mess.


It’s only just dawned on me just how unhappy I am without him.

I find myself just watching him sleep every now and again. I miss him being my boyfriend.

So he invited me over tonight, it was super nice to just chill with him. But I ended up falling asleep and now I’m staying the night.
We have separate blankets. It’s so weird to lay in bed next to him and not be able to cuddle him! No kiss goodnight either. This is a tough one.


I hope he misses our relationship as much as I do. I thought we were great together.

He still makes me super happy. I still find myself looking at him from time to time and smiling for no reason.

I guess I should just count myself super lucky for getting to have that six months with him as my boyfriend.
Friends is better than losing him altogether, I just really wish I could still cuddle and kiss him.

Whoa, trying to stop tears is pretty painful haha.